Southill Community Energy (SCE) is a ‘community benefit society’. It is run by a community of members, and aims to encourage, inspire and empower local people and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions. 


Our first project is Southill Solar, our successful community-owned solar farm. Southill Solar will provide renewable energy for 25 years. Profits from Southill will be used to fund local low-carbon projects – reducing energy use from buildings, food, transport and consumption and educating ourselves, our community and others as we go.

Community funding

SCE developed and operates Southill Solar. The community funding comes from surpluses generated by Southill Solar, after we pay operating costs and pay interest to our members.

Forecasts show that we will have on average £30,000 a year to invest locally. That’s around £750,000 over the life of the project.

See more about our plans for community funding.

Southill Community Energy membership

People from the local communities, and further afield, became members of Southill Community Energy by investing in Southill Solar through our share offer. Our members have a say in how we run and what we projects we fund. All members get an equal vote in SCE - no matter how much they invested.