Invest in Southill Solar by buying shares in Southill Community Energy (SCE). When you buy shares you become a member of SCE, giving you a vote and the right to interest.

Return on your investment

SCE forecast an annual return of 5%, paid annually as interest on your investment from year 2 and over the 25-year lifetime of the project.

Invest £1,000 and you get £1,832 back - your £1,000 capital and £832 in interest.

As with any investment, this return is not guaranteed. See terms and conditions.

How to invest

Ethical investment platform Ethex is administering our share offer. You can invest quickly and easily on the Ethex website.

Amount you can you invest

The minimum investment is £250 and the maximum is £100,000.

When your capital is repaid

The capital sum invested will be paid back from year 6, subject to terms and conditions.

Withdrawing your shares

We are offering withdrawable shares.

Withdrawable shares can't be sold on to anyone else, but it may be possible to withdraw your share after 3 years at the discretion of the directors.

The price of a withdrawable share does not increase, although in some circumstances it can decrease.

For any more questions see the FAQs and the share offer document.

Tax advantages

The first £1,000 you earn in interest payments each year on Southill Solar is tax-free. Also, this investment is not subject to inheritance tax.

Investment FAQs

Read all the answers in one place in our investment FAQs. Don't see your the answer you need? Contact us or speak to the impartial team at Ethex – call them on 01865 403 304 or email