Southill Solar is our new community-owned solar farm. It will generate enough green energy to power the equivalent of all the homes in its three nearest parishes – Charlbury, Finstock and Fawler – in West Oxfordshire.

Southill Solar started operating in November 2016. By 30 September 2018, Southill had produced 3,816MWh of solar electricity, which saved 1,342 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Southill will produce green energy for 25 years. We're selling the energy we produce back to the grid during that time. Then, at the end of the Southill's life, we will dismantle the solar panels, recycle what we can and return the land to its original agricultural state.

Community energy in action

Liz Reason of Southill Community Energy explains how our project works on That's Oxford TV

Solar energy is a tried and tested way of producing electricity, replacing gas, coal and oil. It helps cut carbon emissions and is helping slow down the rate of climate change.

That’s why there are now dozens of community solar farms, and thousands of solar installations, operating across the UK.

Any profits from Southill Solar will be invested back into the local area, through the community benefit society.

This is a community energy project – power by local people, for local people!

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Taking care of the land

Southill Solar lies on 45 acres of land owned by the Cornbury estate, along the railway line between Charlbury and Fawler. We use 20 acres for solar panels, and 25 acres for our planting and biodiversity plans. 

This land is in a truly beautiful area of the Cotswold countryside. At the heart of our plan for Southill is the need to create an attractive site that enhances biodiversity – doing good for local plants and wildlife.

Read more about what we're doing to enhance the ecology of the site - see the environmental benefits.

Community investment

Southill Solar was funded by a mix of community investment via a share offer and ethical private funding from banks and other organisations. There is currently a second opportunity to invest in SCE through our bond offer.