"A profitable investment, and really ethical": Chris and Ally invested for their family


If you’re looking to invest on behalf of your children, the SCE share offer has a lot to recommend it.

It’s a positive, ethical investment – you’re helping secure a safe, green energy supply for the future and doing your bit to combat climate change. 

And at a 5% expected return, it’s a better bet than the banks.

Read on to see some of your questions answered.

How this investment works

INVEST £1,000,

GET £1,832 BACK.




Choose how much you want to invest (from a minimum of £250) and follow the investment steps on the Ethex website – they are a not-for-profit company that is managing our share offer. 

If all goes as planned, SCE will start paying you 5% interest in 2018. Then, we will start to repay your capital after year 6 (in 2022.)

If your children are under the age of 16, you will need to be buy shares in your name. The shares can be transferred to your child on their 16th birthday.

If you need your money back

Repayment of capital over 25 years starting from year 6 and at intervals thereafter



What happens if your circumstances change and you need your money back? SCE shares are withdrawable shares. That means you can’t sell them. However, you can apply to the directors to withdraw your shares (ie get some or all of your money back) from year 4 (2020.) Whether or not your application is approved is entirely at the discretion of the directors. Also keep in mind that we plan to start repaying your capital from year 6, so it’s not as though your entire investment is locked away for 25 years.

Solar as a solid investment

No investment is completely safe – there is always a risk.

But the nice thing about revenues from electricity generation is that they are reasonably stable.

With contracted operating costs, the returns made to shareholders should be relatively stable too.

And we can pretty much guarantee that the sun WILL rise tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…



Southill Solar will save 59,300 tonnes of CO2, and power 1,100 homes for 25 years

The risks from inflation


Please read the share offer document for risks and mitigation.



Inflation is contracted into the project’s revenues, which mitigates inflation risks. All other things being equal, low inflation will lower the project returns, whilst higher inflation would enhance them. That means that the project could have the effect of protecting your investment against the effects of inflation.

Questions about the SCE share offer? Contact us or speak to the impartial team at Ethex – call them on 01865 403 304 or email help@ethex.org.uk