Going, going, gone...

Southill Solar is now fully financed, we've ordered the solar panels and we're planning to start work on the site on 6 August. However, to get the highest possible community ownership, we're extending our share offer one last time...

Final share offer close date 4 July. Last chance to join us
and get a 5% return!

Buy SCE shares now through Ethex

Get 5% interest - better than the bank

Get a 5% annual return on your investment plus your capital repaid from year 2. Take a closer look at the financial aspects of the share offer.

Do something great with your money

Southill Solar is your chance to contribute to the green energy revolution - see some great reasons to invest.

All your questions answered



Your investment is not subject to inheritance tax, and the first £1000 return is also tax-free. Financial advisor Robin answers questions from over-60 investors.

Investing on behalf of your children? What better than an ethical investment that helps secure a safe, green energy supply for the future. Read about investing for your family.

Do you have another investment-related question? Check out our INVESTMENT FAQs page here.

Local resident Sue tells us why she's joined Southill Community Energy.

“There aren’t many opportunities to make 5% a year on a sum of money AND a positive social impact.”

Questions about the SCE share offer? Contact us or speak to the impartial team at Ethex – call them on 01865 403 304 or email help@ethex.org.uk