One of Southill Community Energy’s main aims is to make us all aware of how we can get better at using energy. To do that, we’re going to try and lead (and learn!) by example.

So, we want to fund local low-carbon initiatives, through a programme of grants. We’ll use the projects we fund as exemplars – using them to educate ourselves, local people and organisations and other communities about energy use.

Investing in the Charlbury community centre

We’ve offered up to £100,000 to the new community centre in Charlbury. The intention is to supplement their funding to ensure that they end up with a building which has the best possible energy performance - like excellent insulation, triple glazing and low-energy LED lighting.  

We want this to be a real exemplar – we want to be able to show people how they can use the ideas and technologies used in this new building to make their own homes and offices more energy-efficient.

Refurbishing the Corner House in Charlbury

The Corner House in Charlbury is another good example of what we’re trying to achieve. We committed (as part of our planning application) to providing up to £100,000 towards the refurbishment of the Corner House, to make it as energy-saving as possible.

This is the kind of challenge faced by villages all over England – how do you tackle refurbishment of a listed building? We all know we have to do it – to make them more energy-efficient, cheaper to run, and more sustainable. We’re hoping that this investment will also be an exemplar, with education at its heart so that people can visit to learn about how to refurbish older buildings for low energy.

Enhancing local ecology and environment

We are also committed to paying an annual sum to Cotswold Conservation Board, as a proportion of our surpluses, for landscape enhancements.

This is associated with our commitment to use the Southill Solar site - which is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – to enhance local biodiversity.. We’ll be on the site for 25 years, and this gives us a wonderful opportunity to offer a refuge to threatened species – birds, plants, insects and maybe even mammals.

Your community, your energy, your company: 
your call!

Because Southill Community Energy will be run by its members, it’s up to you to decide where the community fund is best invested.

All members get a vote and we all have a say.