Questions about the SCE share offer? Contact us or speak to the impartial team at Ethex – call them on 01865 403 304 or email help@ethex.org.uk

Southill Solar is a major renewable energy scheme for the local area. It’s totally community-driven – conceived and developed by the local community.

It’s also is one of the last solar farms to get full accreditation under the current solar subsidies. There won’t be many similar ethical investment opportunities.

Financial benefits

Southill Community Energy will generate revenue for investors and for the community.

  • You can invest from £250 up to £100,000

  • You will get a projected 5% interest payment per year, from year 2, plus your capital repaid in full.

Community benefits

Southill Community Energy will set up a community fund to use the profits to give grants to other local energy initiatives.

We estimate we’ll have on average £30,000 a year to invest locally – potentially up to £1 million over the lifetime of the project.

  • By investing you become a member of Southill Community Energy and have a say in how the profits are spent.

  • You'll have a direct stake in an innovative local energy scheme with the opportunity to influence local energy generation, conservation and education.

Environmental benefits

SCE will generate enough electricity to supply the equivalent of 1,100 homes per year with clean, renewable energy.

We will take greater control of energy generation and actively do something tangible about climate change.

  • The scheme will save the emission of 2,372 tonnes of CO2 per year, if replacing coal-fired electricity. Over 25 years that is 59,300 tonnes of CO2, which is immensely valuable in combatting climate change.

  • We will improve local biodiversity by running the site as a haven for local wildlife, including a wildflower meadow – see our plans for the site.

  • We’ll run educational visits for local schools and other groups interested in developing community solar farms.