Co-op Energy partnership

We’ve signed an affiliate deal with Co-op Energy to earn additional funds for the community benefit society.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the addition of a banner on our homepage this week, with a link to Co-op Energy. It’s part of an affiliate partnership we’ve signed, which means that we earn £20 for each new customer who signs up Coop Energy via our custom link.

It’s not much but if you’re considering switching energy provider, do consider clicking through (for instance via the image in this post) for further information about the Co-operative’s renewable energy tariff. Funds earned via the partnership will be added to our community benefit society and used to invest in local, low-carbon projects.

At the moment, all the electricity Southill Solar generates is sold to Co-operative Energy. The rules that govern the electricity market mean that we can’t sell directly to local people, even via their tariff, but if you choose to buy your energy from them, you have at least a notional connection to our electricity.