Bring Your Brolly Day a great success

The "bring your brolly day" was a huge success. Following the initial planning rejection it revitalised the project, brought the community together and proved beyond doubt the project could be delivered with minimal visual impact, even in this highly sensitive setting.

The site is a long and undulating valley side field. Whilst the initial 3D models helped in assessing the visual impact, as a community project the funding was not available to generate completely accurate CGI's.

By simultaneously photographing the site from selected viewpoints from a 360 degree spectrum we could generate really accurate photomontages; the results were surprisingly affective and extremely useful in redesigning the site.

One additional unexpected benefit was a discerning couple who did not want to participate photographed the day from a viewpoint they felt was important. We were able to meet them, generate additional photomontages and demonstrate the visual impact of the proposals.