Southill solar is generating green power!

With great excitement Southill Solar was switched on this Friday 11th November, generating the first kilowatts of carbon free renewable energy.

The first metered kW of generated clean green community energy.

The first metered kW of generated clean green community energy.


  • The Southill Solar installation, built by Solarcentury, has a capacity of 4.5MW, enough electricity to supply 1,100 homes with electricity for the next 25 years

  • As well as generating energy, Southill will deliver over £750,000 of community benefits through a system of grants in order to help fund low carbon initiatives

  • Environmental and biodiversity benefits will be a feature of the SouthillSolar site - further planting starts in December to give new habitats for wildlife and wildflower meadows

It's all down to you!

Everyone who invested time, energy and money as members of Southill Community Energy - this is your achievement, and we thank you. We're one small step closer to winning the war on climate change.

Join us to celebrate this moment

Join us to mark the commissioning of the Southill Solar farm with Jeremy Leggett, founder of Solarcentury and author of 'Winning the Carbon War'.

Jeremy will give his talk on energy and climate change and discussing what is being done post the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Jeremy commented:

Now, more than ever, the world needs the spirit, leadership example, and actual emissions reductions that community energy projects like this embody. The US, and to an extent the UK, are stepping towards fossil fuels and away from clean energy, just as the majority of other national governments, many local governments, and thousands of communities the world over are going the other way. I thank everyone involved, and hope Charlbury will enjoy its candle for hope as much as I will."

We look forward to seeing you on the 17th November - here are the details.