In which a Financial Advisor and father of two extolls the financial virtues of SCE

I'm in, because, as a father of 2 daughters I’m very concerned that my children, and their children, have a decent planet on which to live.

We all have an obligation to think about the future and not just ourselves, and the ‘here and now’.

I have invested as a way of contributing towards a better future. However, as a financial adviser by profession, I have assessed the risks, and the return of 5%, (10 times the Bank of England base rate!) is not to be sniffed at.

We all have an obligation to think about the future.

You can’t get that from a deposit account or National Savings. Do you have £250 idling away in a current account earning 0.1%pa or less? Or, if you have money in Premium Bonds, when did you last win? Maybe you have received a gift on behalf of your children and aren’t sure where to invest it.

I’m sure pretty much everyone could invest something.

Do it now, and like yourself a bit more.

Robin is a Financial Advisor based in Charlbury.