In which local Charlbury resident speaks of how taking control locally has the capacity to bring about change at a global level.


I’m in because I think that community energy is the future - local, renewable and democratic. 

It’s so exciting that communities across the country and the globe are taking control of their own energy generation. Renewable schemes like this one can be a major part of the solution to volatile international energy markets.

And when our so-called leaders say one thing about our responsibility to act on climate change and yet are incapable of putting their money where their mouth is, the obvious answer is to take the power into our own hands.

The obvious answer is take the power
into our own hands

It’s true that Southill has been one of the lucky ones to get the higher rate of feed-in tariff before it was slashed. But the fact is that, with the technology advancing and the costs coming down fast, renewables will soon become a no-brainer - with or without government support.

Some people think that these kind of local schemes are reserved for those with lots of disposable income and plenty of time to invest. But the community benefit society is a great leveller. For the minimum investment of £250 you can have the same say in Southill as someone who has invested the maximum £100,000.

As members of Southill Community Benefit Society we will collectively run our own totally clean, green power plant. The rewards will ripple out: from the personal interest payments, to the money available for the community, to the educational potential, to the biodiversity the site will create, to the carbon not emitted.

To take action locally that, alongside other similar schemes, has a direct effect globally

To taking action locally that, alongside other similar schemes, has a direct effect globally... Imagine that? It’s a big deal.

Dan lives in charlbury and is a director at new internationalist publications ltd.