Friends in high places...Southill in the news (and what the PM said)

Southill Solar's in the news again! David Cameron has had his say, the Guardian and the Times have both tipped us as a good investment and now Friends of the Earth are having their say, too!

David Cameron on Southill Solar

Mr. Cameron said:

The Southill Solar project is a great example of people’s enthusiasm for this technology. As costs come down even further, I look forward to solar competing against other technologies and continuing to be an important part of the UK energy mix.

Friends of the Earth

It's not too often you see our Prime Minister and Friends of the Earth united in their approval, but Southill Solar seems to have done it!

In a blog article about renewables projects, sent to their thousands of followers, Friends of the Earth said:

This will be one of the last chances to earn a fair return from a community solar farm following recent changes in government support.

The Times (money section)

In their article about attractive renewables opportunities, the Times reminded us that:

For a minimum investment of £250 you can buy shares in a solar farm in David Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency. Your investment in Southill Solar, a community-owned solar farm near Charlbury, has a target return of 5 per cent over its 25-year life.

The Guardian (money section)

The Guardian chose to lead on Southill Solar in a story about the good returns that renewables projects can generate, reminding us that:

Across the country there are growing numbers of community-owned and run businesses, including many green energy schemes, where those who are supportive of the cause can invest and hopefully earn a bank-beating return.

There's still time to join us (if you hurry)

Southill Solar has raised half a million pounds in investment from people like you. There's still time to hop on board - share offer closes 8 April, so act now!

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