Earth Day - we're in!

Here at Southill Solar we've had so many of you joining in the 'I'm in' campaign and sending us your fantastic pics.

You’ve given us hundreds of different reasons for supporting Southill Solar. To celebrate Earth Day, we thought we’d give a little round-up of some your ‘I’m ins’. These add up to a pretty powerful statement.

We’re so grateful for all your support – thank you for making a difference.

“I want to look my kids in the eye!” – Jenny

Jenny went on to say: "The human impact of climate change around the world worries me most and I believe renewable energy can play a key role combating this. If I'm going to look my kids in the eye when they're older and say I've always cared about this, I need to start putting my money where my mouth is more often!"

“The return of 5%, (10 times the Bank of England base rate!) is not to be sniffed at…” - Robin


“It’s a chance to invest in something we can really feel proud of” – Ally


“There aren’t many opportunities to make 5% a year AND to make a positive social impact!” – Sue


“I want to be part of a zero-carbon future” – Fran


“I want to teach my kids the importance of renewable energy” – Kat


“It’s the best thing I can do to protect the planet we live on” – Liz


“To take action locally that, alongside other similar schemes, has a direct effect globally” – Dan

Are you in?

Join us. Invest in Southill Community Energy and you will help us fund the build of Southill Solar. You will also become a member of SCE, and help us develop and fund other green initiatives locally.