It all adds up

Jody believes that the best way to change something big is if everyone does a little bit.


Jody and her family are doing their bit by buying shares in Southill Community Energy. In doing that they will help us build Southill Solar. In doing that, they will help create enough green energy to power Charlbury, Fawler and Finstock for 25 years. And, in doing that, they will have saved 60,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. And so, through their small initial investment, they are taking positive action on climate change and energising our community.

We’re changing the way energy works in the UK

And it’s not just us! All around the UK, communities are coming together to find ways to deal with the big energy problems we’re facing as a country. We want to take control, establish a safe and sustainable energy supply, drive down energy prices and lower emissions to fight climate change.

That’s why there are 700,000 small-scale renewable energy generators – just like Southill Solar – in the UK right now.

And this adds up to something very big

Last year, for the first time ever:

  • the UK made more energy from renewables than from coal

  • UK greenhouse gas emissions fell below 500 million tonnes

So a big thank you to Jody – and everyone else who has done just a little bit

Many people have invested £250 in shares for Southill. You’re all making a big, big difference to us.

Investing means you become a member of Southill Community Energy – you get the same voting rights as if you’d invested £100,000, and you’re helping build us into a great community energy group.

You’re also lowering the amount of non-equity finance we need to use – which means that there is more money to go into the community fund pot – which we’ll use for more energy projects.

It’s in your hands

Community energy groups are shaping the energy future of the UK. If you’d like to be part of that and do your little bit, we’d love it if you would join us.

Join us and invest in Southill Community Energy - £250 is all it takes.

Send this onto your friends, family and networks – please spread the word.

And if you’d like to give us a hand (your amazing skills to share, time to deliver leaflets, or anything else) please drop us a line.

Thank you all!