Southill Solar is picking up pace!

A section of the Southill Solar site - we look forward to seeing the wildflower meadow and these poppies year after year while Southill Solar is on site.

A section of the Southill Solar site - we look forward to seeing the wildflower meadow and these poppies year after year while Southill Solar is on site.

All the final pieces are coming together as we move from planning a solar farm to building a solar farm.

The finance is now secured. We’ve ordered the solar panels. We’re holding the first SCE members’ meeting on Weds 22 June. And we’ve pencilled in 5 August to start real work on the site – spades in the ground! So...

Final extension of share offer 'til July 4th

To increase the level of community ownership we are seeking further investments with the ambition of reaching our £1,400,000 equity raise target. Just to remind you we have extended the share offer a final time until financial close on Monday 4th July.

Solar panels, beehives and other tangible assets

SCE has long had a valuable asset in the form of our connection to the electricity grid. Now we’re starting to order other bits of kit – things you can touch, like the 17,500 solar panels which are due to arrive at the end of July.

SCE solar panels are a bit special – they are edged in black, not in silver like normal panels. This is because of our commitment to reducing the visual impact of Southill Solar – black-edged panels reduce the checkerboard effect of a more conventional solar farm.

We’ve also ordered a solar beehive for Southill – and we look forward to starting production of our very own honey.

Finances now secured

The formal offer of a bank loan has come through, offering SCE £2,500,000 million to fund the Southill Solar scheme. This means that SCE is now ready to fund the construction of the Southill Solar Farm using the £2,500,000 bank loan, additional underwriting secured from other partners and our £1,047,550 equity raise to date.

SCE special AGM

Members have been invited to our first members meeting on June 22nd at the Memorial Hall in Charlbury. We look forward to seeing you and to being able to thank you in person for your support, and to raise a glass to the wonderful achievement that all our members have made possible.

The final countdown!

Here’s the timeline:

  • 4 July – ENERGY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Share offer closes

  • PV modules now procured

  • Procurement of substation by end June 2016

  • Procurement of everything else (fencing, mounting, piles, CCTV, cables, inverters, distribution boards) - by mid July.

  • Commence on site 05/08 - site layout/ set up

  • Fencing mid to end August

  • Groundworks and Piling commence 16/08 for 3 weeks

  • Framework and PV modules in 25/08

  • Electrical works and cabling early Sept

  • Operational 26/09

Going, going, gone..

It’s your last chance to invest in this offer, join Southill Solar and be part of something great!

Your investment will not only provide you with personal returns, an average of 5% a year, but you will also be creating positive community, environmental and biodiversity impact. You will help secure the future of green renewable energy generation in West Oxfordshire. You’ll add momentum to the energy revolution that is underway, do your bit to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions.